Maestro Jurowski Conducts Belgrade Philharmonic Once Again

Celebrated conductor Michail Jurowski, a representative of the famous dynasty of conductors and a special guest of the Belgrade Philharmonic, will conduct once again at Kolarac Hall on April 12, at 8:00 p.m. The audience will have the unique opportunity to hear Dmitri Shostakovich’s last symphony in his interpretation — in addition to being the […]

New Babie Concerts

The free tickets for the baby concerts organized by the Belgrade Philharmonic on January 9 and 10 were given away in less than 20 minutes. The baby concerts have generated enormous interest since September, when they were held for the first time, so the queue for the limited number of tickets was already formed at […]

Shostakovich’s Eighth Symphony – After a Half Century

Belgrade Philharmonic to perform symphony whose premiere was heardby 25 million people! After nearly a half century, the magnificent Eighth Symphony by Dmitry Shostakovich will be on the program of the Belgrade Philharmonic, with conductor Daniel Raiskin, at Kolarac Hall, on Friday, December 21, at 8:00 p.m. First on the program will be Edward Elgar’s […]

Belgrade Philharmonic Formally Opens NOMUS

The Belgrade Philharmonic will formally open the 43d NOMUS (Novi Sad Music Festival) with a concert in the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad, on Thursday, 19 April. Together with piano star Alexander Gavrylyuk, and conductor Dania Raiskin, the orchestra will perform well-known classical music hits – Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3 and Stravinsky’s “Fireworks” […]

A Century of Idols: Lavish Spanish and Latin Rhythms 

On Friday night’s concert on May 17th, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will showcase the repertoire of rich tapestry of Latin Rhythms. Under the baton of Gerald Karni and joined by violist Boris Brezovac and cellist Daniel Müller–Schott, the orchestra will perform Don Quixote by Strauss, alongside Debussy’s Ibéria and Márquez’s Danzón. The vibrant essence of […]

Mikhail Andrushchenko, concertmaster

A true professional musician, Mikhail Andrushchenko possesses both the artistic charisma and the virtuosity to draw the audience’s attention.    Having performed at various parts of the world, he has earned the respect of numerous fans due to his unique performing style. Mikhail was born in 1992 in Donetsk, Ukraine. Feeling drawn to music since […]

Posted by Petar on 15. 5. 2024

Milica Zulus Dimic

Member of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra since 2023.   Born in 1999 in Vienna, to an economist father and a pianist mother, Milica Zulus Dimic started her music education at the age of six when, instead of going to elementary music school, she was admitted  directly into the University of Music and Performing Arts in […]

Posted by Petar on 26. 3. 2024

Vojin Aleksić

Vojin Aleksić was born in 1999 in Kruševac, where he began playing the violin at the age of six.   He graduated from the School of Music Talents in Ćuprija as the top of the class student, under the guidance of Prof. Milica Mladenović. He continued his undergraduate and master’s degree studies at the Faculty […]

Posted by Petar on 21. 3. 2024

Teodora Boljanac Pajić

Member of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra since December 2019.   I am immensely proud to have accomplished my childhood dream of being a member of the Belgrade Philharmonic. I am so proud of this dynamic orchestra, so proud of my musical versatility and experience…   I am a cheerful and grinning person, except when I’m […]

Posted by Petar on 19. 3. 2024

Tijana Milošević, concertmaster

Orchestra member since 1999 I take special pride in my common sense, adamantly standing between the Old Russian School and the Juilliard – the American school. I am proud of my orchestra and the energy we radiate in our creative trance. I am also proud of my parents, who have always turned the impossible into possible, […]

Posted by bgf on 1. 2. 2016

Miroslav Pavlović, concertmaster

Orchestra member since 1997   I take special pride in the fact that, as the concertmaster of the best orchestra in Serbia, I have had opportunities to perform with some of today’s leading artists – Zubin Mehta, Maxim Vengerov and Julian Rachlin, to name but a few. I am proud of having won the City […]

Posted by bgf on 1. 2. 2016

Ksenija Milošević, assistant concertmaster

Ksenija Milošević was born in Belgrade in 1982. She has been playing violin since she was four. She enrolled at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade at the age of 14, graduated, and received her Master’s degree in the class of Professor Dejan Mihailović. She has won numerous awards at various competitions. Ksenija Milošević has […]

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Mirjana Nešković, assistant concertmaster

Orchestra member since June 2002   I take special pride in both of my solo appearances with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, as it truly is the greatest honour and privilege to perform in front of my own colleagues. And the fact that I have become a violinist thanks to my teacher Rankica Oršolić, who, in the […]

Posted by bgf on 31. 1. 2016

Slađana Aleksić

Orchestra member since 2004   I take special pride in the numerous concerts we have given, together with acclaimed soloists and conductor, especially with Zubin Mehta and Nigel Kennedy.   I am a mother of the two-year-old boy Andrej, a Master of violin performance and a tutti first violin in the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. I […]

Posted by bgf on 31. 1. 2016

Jelena Dimitrijević

Orchestra member since 2005   Due to some strange celestial aspect, or perhaps a conspiracy, I have a dream job and I proudly go to work every day, with a smile on my face… I am proud of my love for the orchestra.   It was because of the Philharmonic that I pierced my ears. […]

Posted by bgf on 31. 1. 2016

Jelena Dragnić

Orchestra member since 2006   I am proud of the Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet.   I am a person without any assets in any of the social networks under the virtual sky of our cyber universe. However, there is a piece of net, if you will, a hammock hung between two trees by the river, […]

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Predrag Žikić

Orchestra member since 2002   I take special pride in coming from a musical family and being a BPO member. Every Friday, when I go on stage at Kolarac, I feel the same desire to do my best. Each concert gives me professional satisfaction.   I am an alumnus of Serbian/Luxembourgian/German schools, Relja and Vanja’s […]

Posted by bgf on 31. 1. 2016

Ana Jokanović

Orchestra member since 1987   I take special pride in all those memorable concerts with brilliant conductors and soloists in which I had the honour and satisfaction of participating, together with my fellow musicians. In the 26 years since I joined the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, there have been, indeed, many such concerts.   Thanks to […]

Posted by bgf on 31. 1. 2016

Vladan Lončar

Orchestra member since February 1999   I take special pride in having played with today’s greatest conductors and soloists and in having had the opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues from Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet as a soloist.   I am… well, what’s the point of talking about myself, others will say it better. My […]

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Danilo Novaković

Orchestra member since 2005   I take special pride in the view from the Kalemegdan fortress.   I am… just like you, only a little bit different. 😉

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Tea Petrović Balint

Orchestra member since April 1994   I take special pride in the twenty years as a member of the Philharmonic and in my occupation, which I consider a privilege.   I am a mother of a little angel and proud of my little family.

Posted by bgf on 31. 1. 2016

Miljana Popović Materni

Miljana Popović Materni graduated from the School for Talented Musicians in Ćuprija as the best student of her generation. She completed her undergraduate, graduate, and specialist studies at the Music Academy in Belgrade, in the class of Marija Špengler. She attended master classes with David Takeno, Gordan Nikolić, Stefan Milenković, Igor Petrushevski, Julian Rachlin, and […]

Posted by bgf on 31. 1. 2016

Svetlana Stančev Radovanović

Orchestra member since 1 March 1986   I take special pride in the fact that I will be the first orchestral musician whose commitment and contributions to the culture of her country will, one day, earn her an honorary pension (since the regular state pensions will probably be abolished by that time).   I am… […]

Posted by bgf on 31. 1. 2016