Miljana Popović Materni

Orchestra member since 2009


I take special pride in and feel gratitude for being chosen as one of the few who do what they truly love and what they are gifted for. And especially in the fact that each Friday at 8 PM, the music takes me somewhere far, far away, together with my fellow musicians, yet I remain in my city, seated in front of the sheet music stand.


I am a person with a positive attitude and a broad smile – those who know me are witnesses to that cosmic phenomenon – an expert in telling jokes (the range of grimaces I can make is enviable), with a quick mind that is still, to my chagrin, ten times slower than my mouth.I am also absolutely incapable of following much-needed austerity measures, as I am a huge fan of high heels. The explanation lies in the fact that I am just a woman, or maybe a reincarnation of a fashion-conscious centipede.




Miljana Popović Materni finished the School for Musically Gifted Children in Ćuprija as the valedictorian, and undergraduate and master’s studies at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade under Prof. Marija Špengler, under whose tutelage she currently pursues specialist studies.


Miljana has been a member of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra since 2009. She is also a permanent member of the St George Strings Orchestra and Quartet, No Borders Orchestra and Rocher Quartet. She has won numerous awards domestically and internationally. She is a holder of the certificate of the Bern Conservatory Youth Symphony Orchestra, an international youth orchestra conducted by Ingo Becker. She has performed in many concerts throughout Europe, both as a soloist and as an orchestra member (Ukraine, Slovenia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Greece, Belgium). As a member of the St George Strings Quartet, she has appeared at the composers’ review in Belgrade, BEMUS, NOMUS, SOMUS, NIMUS etc. As a member of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of South-Eastern Europe, under the direction of Siniša Marković, Miljana has performed in Sarajevo and throughout Europe. She has given many recitals at Kolarac, Serbian Academy of Science and Art, Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Kolarac Gallery, Museum of the National Theatre, Students’ Cultural Centre etc.


She has attended masterclasses with David Takeno, Stefan Milenković, Gordan Nikolić, Igor Petruševski, Julian Rachlin and others.