Become a Member

In the process of selecting new orchestra members, the most important principle is that of absolute impartiality. This is ensured by holding the auditions behind a non-transparent screen and by not revealing the candidates’ identities to the selection panel until the selection has been made. In the beginning, the musicians are randomly assigned numbers under which they perform and the identity of the new orchestra member is not announced until the audition is over.

The selection panel consists of the Chief Conductor, concertmasters, section principals and members of the groups for which the candidate is auditioning. All candidates competing for a vacant position perform the same programme, in two stages, where the first stage is qualifying and includes a mandatory programme, a piece of candidate’s choice and orchestral studies.

The final decision on hiring a new orchestra member is made after six months of probation work. Upon expiry of this period, the panel evaluates how the musician fits in the orchestra, their work methods and communication with the colleagues.

Even if the applicants have satisfied all the high standards of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and join the more experienced members, a new appraisal awaits them every Friday – a perpetual career-long audition on stage in front of packed concert halls.