Jelena Dimitrijević

Orchestra member since 2005


Due to some strange celestial aspect, or perhaps a conspiracy, I have a dream job and I proudly go to work every day, with a smile on my face… I am proud of my love for the orchestra.


It was because of the Philharmonic that I pierced my ears. I fantasize about teleportation as a means of transport. I like to hug trees and I am a complete salsa and Afro-rumba addict… Oh, yes, my best friend is the one that lives close to my colleague Aleksandar Solunac.




Jelena Dimitrijević was born in Belgrade, where she completed the Secondary Music School Dr Vojislav Vučković, in the class of Biljana Jakšić-Nikolić, as well as the graduate and post-graduate course at the Belgrade Faculty of Music, where she studied with Jasna Maksimović. As a member of the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester (GMJO), Jelena went on tours throughout Europe and Asia and performed under conductors such as Ivan Fischer, Yakov Kreizberg, Alexander Vedernikov and others. She was further trained in courses held by the Berliner Philharmoniker members Stanley Dodds and Amadeus Heutling, as well as in Douglas Boyd’s chamber music course. Jelena was a member of many orchestras, including Camerata Serbica, Simfonieta, St. George Strings etc. She has been a full-time member of Isidora Žebeljan Orchestra, as well as a long-term casual member of the Belgrade Opera. She has received numerous awards at national competitions, as well as the Special Prize at the Petar Konjović International Competition. Jelena has been a member of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra since 2006, where she worked as assistant concertmaster for two years.