In the spring this year, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra invited all primary school pupils from grades I–IV to write an essay up to 100 words on the topic “What Exactly Is a Philharmonic?”. The competition was opened on 1 April – April Fool’s Day, and the deadline for submitting the writings was 13 June – the last day of school before the summer break. Now, we are announcing the list of 500 award winning young authors.

From 48 towns across Serbia, as well as from Montenegro, we received answers to seemingly quite a straightforward question: “What Exactly Is a Philharmonic”. Several hundred writings that flooded into our mailbox demonstrated all the earnestness, charm, sincerity and wittiness of children’s way of thinking.

The Evaluation Committee was chaired by this year’s recipient of the NIN Award, writer Ivana Dimić, who was assisted by Director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra Ivan Tasovac, programme organisation staff Danica Maksimović, Asja Radonjić and Jelena Milašinović, as well as orchestra members Slavica Perić and Tamara Marinković Tomić. The authors of the winning essays are primary school pupils from all over the country, including places like Bajmok, Prilužje, Jadranska Lešnica, Veliki Izvor near Halovo and many others.

The list of award winners is available HERE.

All award recipients have received the philharmonic backpack, which includes, among other gifts, My First Classical Music CD, recorded and published by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.


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