Throughout the history, composers found inspiration for their works in the most diverse places, objects and events. Guided by common features in the pieces of various artists, programme editors group a season’s concerts into several thematic units – subscription cycles. Such a division facilitates subscribers’ decisions when purchasing concert tickets, as it enables them to make good choices without having a high degree in music, but it also offers opportunities to socially responsible companies to sponsor the concerts that best match their corporate image and the values they uphold.

Recently, good examples of corporate responsibility and philanthropy have been followed by the companies currently supporting the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s concerts, or the ones that supported them in the previous seasons. They include Vojvodjanska banka Novi Sad, Danube Foods, Polimark, EPS Electric Power Industry of Serbia, PTT Srbija, U.S. Embassy, Jedro Health Centre, Telekom Srbija, to name a few.

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