Investing in the Future

Since one of our key goals is to foster new concert audiences, encouraged by excellent public reception of the programmes for younger generations, we have committed to strategic designing and implementation of programmes for children and youth. The learning programmes are intended for children from the tender preschool age to the population of university students.

Our mission is to ensure that as many children as possible are given an opportunity to visit a concert hall, to hear and see an orchestra at work, as well as to motivate young people to learn more about the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and classical music. To that end, we have complemented our regular concert season with series of children’s concerts.

Organised visits of children of various age to our rehearsals and concerts is also a part of this strategic plan. Depending on the objectives of the visit and children’s age, they learn about the institution, the building, the orchestra’s working methods, elementary musical concepts, or the basics of management in the field of culture.

With that aim, we have also upheld a successful practice of sending smaller BPO ensembles to visit kindergartens and schools, where children can make direct contact with the musicians and the instruments, in an environment in which they feel comfortable.

We are continually striving to enhance this aspect of our work, which we consider one of the most important goals of our institution, generating the highest social value.