Other Programmes

As of 2016, we have launched a long-term project – Music Lesson with the BPO Musicians, implemented in cooperation with Belgrade schools. It is envisaged as a complement to the curriculum of the Music Education subject. The concept is to organise music lessons with the BPO musicians, in which children can learn about the most important groups of instruments. We have held our first music lessons with 7th grade pupils from the primary schools Mihailo Petrović Alas and Skadarlija.
Click here to see what a music lesson with us looks like
Furthermore, we are continuing our visits to kindergartens, allowing children to get their first experiences and knowledge about music in a familiar environment.
We are making our best efforts to bring all children’s programmes outside of Belgrade, as well, to reach youngsters who are not in the position to come and visit us.
Here you can see the BPO Wind Quintet’s performance of Peter and the Wolf in Ruma and Čačak, for more than a 1000 children
Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – a New Year’s gift to the children from the Institute for Protection of Children and Youth