BPO Hall

During season 2003/2004 the building of the Belgrade Philharmonic was reconstructed, so now we can pride ourselves on modern and well furnished premises located at the very heart of town. The hall seats 201 people and provides ideal conditions for audio and video recording. Moreover, it is one of the few facilities in the country with the adequate equipment for catering for the audience with special needs.
Apart from everyday rehearsals the Belgrade Philharmonic hall houses concerts of other soloists, chamber ensembles and orchestras, promotions, presentations, jubilees, exhibits…
Its excellent acoustics and appropriate premises allow for chamber music concerts, solo performances and recitals of high quality. The Belgrade Philharmonic hall is the place where concerts are regularly organised by music schools lease it for their students’ concerts, it is used by the embassies of Japan, U.S., Norway, Holland, Spain, Slovenia, the Italian Cultural Institute, and numerous chamber orchestras at home and abroad.
The appealing interior has attracted many renowned companies which use it for promotions of their products, presentations of services, as well as for jubilees. Among the users of the hall have been the American Chamber of Commerce, Roche, Pharma Swiss, Common Sense, Attica Media, Trag Foundation etc.
Numerous commercials and TV videos have been filmed in the hall of the Belgrade Philharmonic.
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