Pre-Concert Lectures

Motivated by the needs of contemporary concertgoers and based on the experiences of the world’s most renowned orchestras, we have organized lectures, devised to enrich and enhance your music experience.

Knowledgeable comments and analyses of the pieces on the concert programme are complemented by trivia from the composer’s life, insights into the circumstances that inspired the composer’s creativity, as well as into the historical and social context of the period in which the piece was written! Discover how the critics and the audience received the piece at its premiere and which words the composer used to describe his creation! Laugh at the anecdotes, amusing stories and comments – the inevitable components of this colourful and absorbing programme that offers a more in-depth and alternative perspective on music, but also suggests possible ways to listen to it!

We invite you to join the musicologist Maja Čolović Vasić in the Kolarac Foundation Gallery, half an hour before concerts, at free introductory lectures! The longstanding music editor, critic and the host of reputable classical music programmes at the Belgrade Radio 2 (Classics Please, The Time of Music, Autograph…) and contributor to many magazines and music festivals in the country, Maja will take you on an exciting journey through the history of music!

The lectures are intended for all admirers of the classics, regardless of their level of music education!