Concert Etiquette

Welcome to the concert of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and the magical world of classical music. If this is your first visit, some of the information below might be useful:

What is a symphony orchestra?
An orchestra consists of four sections:
Strings: violins, violas, violoncellos, double basses
Woodwinds: flutes, clarinets, oboes, bassoons, English horn
Brass: trumpets, trombones, horns, tubas
Percussions: timpani and percussions

The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra has 87 permanently employed musicians. The orchestra has rehearsals in its resident concert hall, whereas concerts in the regular season take place in the Grand Hall of the Kolarac Foundation.

Will I enjoy the concert even though I know little about classical music?
Absolutely, we are confident that you will enjoy every moment of it. People who come to our concert for the first time say that they are immediately fascinated by the intensity and energy of the symphonic sound. Nevertheless, some people prefer to hear a particular piece of music on YouTube beforehand, or to read programme notes.

How can I purchase tickets?
Tickets can be purchased at the Box Office and via the online ticket sale system. All instructions are available here.

How should I dress?
The key word is – decently. Although there is no formal dress code to adhere to, a large part of our audience treats the Belgrade Philharmonic concerts as special evening events, hence their selection of clothes is usually elegant. However, if you come wearing jeans, you will not be the only person to do so! A more formal attire is recommended for gala concerts and special events, though.

When should I arrive at the venue?
We recommend that you arrive at 7.30pm, in time for introductory lectures, but if you are only coming for the concert, you are expected to arrive at least ten minutes before it starts. This will give you enough time to take your seat, read the programme reviews and relax so that you can fully enjoy the concert. We start playing at 8.00pm sharp, so if you are late, you will have to wait until the end of a piece before you are allowed in. If you must urgently leave before the concert is over, which we do not recommend, please do so in a way that does not disturb the others.

When is the right time to applaud?
It is customary to applaud and greet the orchestra when the conductor comes onto the stage and the musicians stand up. Soloists coming on the stage are also a cue for clapping. When the piece ends, the intensity of the applause is usually related to one’s satisfaction with the performance, so do not spare your hands, because that is the only way to get the encore. There are short pauses between movements, but you should not clap then.

Am I allowed to use a mobile phone or a camera?
Now we are talking about strict rules. You are required to turn off your mobile phones and any electronic devices before the concert starts. Make sure they are turned off after the break, as well. Keep in mind that any noise, including talking, coughing, unwrapping sweets… may distract the musicians and other people in the audience. Try to stay as quiet as you can.

Another strict rule governs the use of cameras and camcorders, which requires accreditation. The audience is strictly forbidden to take photographs or record video.