Jelena Dragnić

Orchestra member since 2006


I am proud of the Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet.


I am a person without any assets in any of the social networks under the virtual sky of our cyber universe. However, there is a piece of net, if you will, a hammock hung between two trees by the river, in which I like to swing and sip wine with my friends – that is what I call a social network. I never remove spider webs, since I find them useful for getting rid of houseflies and other annoying creatures. I am a big fan of fishnet stockings, but only if the holes are smaller than in the ham netting. I am also able to infallibly recognize the retinas that stare at the internet all night long. Although I am not using the MT:S mobile network, I have friends on all networks.




Violinist Jelena Dragnić obtained her Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade, in the class of Prof. Dejan Mihailović. She received advanced training through courses with Christiane Hutcap and Igor Ozim. Also, as a holder of the“Walter Stauffer” Foundation grant, she completed her specialist studies in Cremona, in the class of Salvatore Accardo. Under the artistic leadership of this eminent artist, she performed as member of the Musica da camera Italiana ensemble. Jelena also worked with violinist Liana Isakadze at the Summer Academy Mozarteum in Salzburg in 2010.

She is a member of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, taking the position of first violin tutti, as of 2006. She was concert master and long-standing member of the St. George Strings Chamber Orchestra, and also frequently performed as soloist.

In 2010, Jelena was invited to take part in the opera and symphony tours of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, at festivals and during concert seasons in Baden-Baden, Luxembourg, Dortmund, Essen, Frankfurt and Paris, conducted by Kent Nagano and Daniel Harding.