Tijana Milošević, concertmaster

Orchestra member since 1999 
I take special pride in my common sense, adamantly standing between the Old Russian School and the Juilliard – the American school. I am proud of my orchestra and the energy we radiate in our creative trance. I am also proud of my parents, who have always turned the impossible into possible, as well as of being a better person today, inspired by my two little blond reasons – my two sons.
What can I say about myself? There was the big bang and it created her… a simple girl next door, with all her virtues and flaws. The fundamental flaws are her virtues, while her greatest virtue is the ability to process her flaws and turn them into virtues. A sweet little upside-down cake, with its top on its bottom… 🙂
Tijana Milošević (1978) started playing the violin at the age of four. At 15, she enrolled in the Belgrade Faculty of Music, where she studied under Prof. Dejan Mihailović and subsequently earned her master’s degree. She completed specialist studies at Juilliard School of Music, New York, as a student of Dorothy DeLay and Lewis Kaplan and also attended master classes by Itzhak Perlman and Joshua Bell. In 1998, she became the youngest concertmaster in the history of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. She was also the assistant concertmaster of Athens Camerata and, in addition to her current position in the Belgrade Philharmonic, she also works as the concertmaster of the Double Sense chamber ensemble, performing throughout Europe with the soloist Nemanja Radulović.
She has recorded several CDs for the PGP RTS label, notably a classical music solo album titled Muzika za Tijanu (Music for Tijana) and an ethno-jazz-classic-ambient CD titled World Music Contact.
Tijana Milošević plays an Enrico Rocca violin (Genoa, 1910), property of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.