Ivan Tasovac, the long-standing director of the Belgrade Philharmonic, took over in 2001 and remained at the head of this institution until his sudden death on 29 September 2021. He worked tirelessly to raise the quality of the orchestra and soon the Belgrade Philharmonic became a national brand and a regional leader whose authenticity constantly attracts attention on the international concert scene.

With his vision and unfathomable lucidity, he built everything that the Belgrade Philharmonic is today – brave and always ready for challenges and new successes.

Tasovac dreamed big, thought differently and saw far. That is how he shaped the future of the Belgrade Philharmonic with his tireless and fearless enthusiasm when he set out on his decades-long dream for the Belgrade Philharmonic to get a magnificent home that would be a new symbol of Belgrade and Serbia.

Our legendary leader Ivan Tasovac is an inseparable and always-present part of the Belgrade Philharmonic. He always said that classical music should be listened to and the Belgrade Philharmonic should be loved. For that, and for everything else, we owe him our eternal gratitude.


Ivan Tasovac, 1966-2021 and for eternity

U sećanje na Ivana Tasovca / In memory of Ivan Tasovac

Ivan Tasovac, biography