Maestro Jurowski Conducts Belgrade Philharmonic Once Again

Celebrated conductor Michail Jurowski, a representative of the famous dynasty of conductors and a special guest of the Belgrade Philharmonic, will conduct once again at Kolarac Hall on April 12, at 8:00 p.m. The audience will have the unique opportunity to hear Dmitri Shostakovich’s last symphony in his interpretation — in addition to being the […]

New Babie Concerts

The free tickets for the baby concerts organized by the Belgrade Philharmonic on January 9 and 10 were given away in less than 20 minutes. The baby concerts have generated enormous interest since September, when they were held for the first time, so the queue for the limited number of tickets was already formed at […]

Shostakovich’s Eighth Symphony – After a Half Century

Belgrade Philharmonic to perform symphony whose premiere was heardby 25 million people! After nearly a half century, the magnificent Eighth Symphony by Dmitry Shostakovich will be on the program of the Belgrade Philharmonic, with conductor Daniel Raiskin, at Kolarac Hall, on Friday, December 21, at 8:00 p.m. First on the program will be Edward Elgar’s […]

Belgrade Philharmonic Formally Opens NOMUS

The Belgrade Philharmonic will formally open the 43d NOMUS (Novi Sad Music Festival) with a concert in the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad, on Thursday, 19 April. Together with piano star Alexander Gavrylyuk, and conductor Dania Raiskin, the orchestra will perform well-known classical music hits – Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3 and Stravinsky’s “Fireworks” […]

Belgrade Philharmonic on the Right Track

“On the Right Track” – is the title of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s new 2022-2023 season. The orchestra will be roving around the world through 25 concerts, accompanied by the best international soloists and conductors, with each concert carrying the name of a city.  Naturally, the season of virtual concert journeys will commence in Belgrade and […]

У сећање на Ивана Тасовца / In memory of Ivan Tasovac

Од нашег вољеног директора Ивана Тасовца опраштају се бројни пријатељи. Легендарног Тасу није могуће заборавити, а ово је место за ваше успомене.

Many friends are bidding their last farewell to our beloved director Ivan Tasovac. It is impossible to forget the legendary Tasa, and this is the place for your condolences.

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New Concert Hall

The idea for ​​a new concert hall for the Belgrade Philharmonic has long been fostered and developed in accordance with the orchestra’s progress and growth. The success of the Belgrade Philharmonic, from “Serbia’s cult orchestra” (The Financial Times) to “one of the leading European orchestras” (The Independent), is based on the vision, enthusiasm, and enormous effort of each one of its members, far exceeding the real conditions in which the orchestra is working. In time, the idea of ​​building the concert hall has taken shape and become a capital project, and you can see everything about it

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Moscow Concert Video

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Regular Season 17/18

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Ticket Selling Points

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Virtual Tour

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Regular Season 16/17

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Concert Etiquette

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