Hanging Out with the Phil

These programmes are intended for schoolchildren, as well as for students. Depending on the age, the visit to the Belgrade Philharmonic includes a presentation about the institution, getting to know the musicians and learning about the orchestra, a tour around the building, learning about the capacities and plans of the institution and attendance at the orchestra’s rehearsals.

In cooperation with music schools, we organise study visits to our rehearsals, with a possibility for selected students to attend our concerts.

For organised visits by students of management, in cooperation with professors of specific subjects we prepare presentations that address specific topics. Furthermore, we provide support for writing scientific papers in the field of cultural management.

Our guests in the recent seasons included groups of students from the Mathematical Gymnasium Belgrade, high school students from Šabac, Lebane, GornjiMilanovac, Kragujevac, students from music schools Vojislav Vučković and Kosta Manojlović from Belgrade and Isidor Bajić from Novi Sad, students of the Faculty of Organisational Sciences, the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Megatrend University, Faculty of Media and Communications and others.

If you are interested in participating in this programme, please send your applications to