Dear friends,

Two seemingly unrelated worlds – culture and economy – are essentially inseparable, especially today. In the times of crisis, in particular, cultural institutions grow in significance and their struggle is not aimed at mere survival; instead, the bar of success is raised high and they have an opportunity to become the engines of our society’s development, introducing new and always higher working standards.

As much as the circumstances allow, we have fostered a responsible and active financial model for many years, with firm partnership between the public and private sectors at its core. Our fundamental principles of work entail a high-quality product, an innovative programme policy and a creative and strategic approach to institutional marketing, which have resulted in packed concert halls. At the same time, we are trying to be actively involved in all social segments by strategically devising learning, inclusion and decentralization projects, eager to show appreciation, through socially responsible actions, for the generous support we have been receiving.

All our efforts in the recent past were focused on the orchestra’s first ever U.S. tour, which introduced the Belgrade Philharmonic to the American market, in October 2014, with huge success and national pride. The organisation of the tour, which was regarded as the fulfilment of our American dream, absorbed all our resources and came as a reward for years of efforts invested by the orchestra and its management. Our idea was recognised and, as a result, the support from businesses and donors was not lacking.

Hailed as one of the greatest classical music authorities, Zubin Mehta has returned again in this season to conduct the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. His every visit and appearance with our orchestra has been much more than a high-level musical and cultural event. Maestro’s generosity has left an indelible mark in the Belgrade Philharmonic’s recent history, while attracting many institutions, companies and individuals who share the same values and whose donations have made them a part of our orchestra’s success story.

We are aware of the serious financial challenges ahead of us, but they will not deter us from pursuing our goals. Some might say that our timing is wrong and that we should wait for more favourable circumstances, but then again, it was always like that in the past and it did not discourage us because we were confident that our efforts would earn the support of those who see the future in our optimism and energy.

If you wish to become a part of our success and if your financial situation allows it, your support would be much appreciated. For all categories of sponsors and donors, both corporate and individual, we have prepared a special programme you can join right now.

For any additional information about our donor programme, please ring us at +381 11 21 87 533, or e-mail us at

President of the BPO Foundation                                                        General Manager of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra

Igor Jecl                                                                                                  Ivan Tasovac