More Than Music

Every day is a new story for us at the Belgrade Philharmonic, and it is not always about music. An important part of our work are corporate social responsibility projects.
The beneficiaries of the the Creative Educational Centre hand out concert programmes at Kolarac. One Wednesday in every month, we also open our doors to preschool children and organise interactive workshops. Our learning programmes are designed for children of various ages, from preschool youngsters to university students. For those who are unable to attend our concerts, the orchestra musicians reach out and take music over to them. This is organised in partnership with specialised institutions, such as elderly care centres, hospitals, social protection institutions and organisations. Sometimes the distance is a problem, but through our decentralisation projects, our chamber ensembles have taken their music to many cities across Serbia.
In this way, we are trying to earn and justify the support of the society in which we work, at all times emphasising the fact that the role of strong institutions is to promote important social values and enable progress.