Maestro Jurowski Conducts Belgrade Philharmonic Once Again

Celebrated conductor Michail Jurowski, a representative of the famous dynasty of conductors and a special guest of the Belgrade Philharmonic, will conduct once again at Kolarac Hall on April 12, at 8:00 p.m. The audience will have the unique opportunity to hear Dmitri Shostakovich’s last symphony in his interpretation — in addition to being the […]

New Babie Concerts

The free tickets for the baby concerts organized by the Belgrade Philharmonic on January 9 and 10 were given away in less than 20 minutes. The baby concerts have generated enormous interest since September, when they were held for the first time, so the queue for the limited number of tickets was already formed at […]

Shostakovich’s Eighth Symphony – After a Half Century

Belgrade Philharmonic to perform symphony whose premiere was heardby 25 million people! After nearly a half century, the magnificent Eighth Symphony by Dmitry Shostakovich will be on the program of the Belgrade Philharmonic, with conductor Daniel Raiskin, at Kolarac Hall, on Friday, December 21, at 8:00 p.m. First on the program will be Edward Elgar’s […]

Belgrade Philharmonic Formally Opens NOMUS

The Belgrade Philharmonic will formally open the 43d NOMUS (Novi Sad Music Festival) with a concert in the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad, on Thursday, 19 April. Together with piano star Alexander Gavrylyuk, and conductor Dania Raiskin, the orchestra will perform well-known classical music hits – Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3 and Stravinsky’s “Fireworks” […]

A Century of Idols: Lavish Spanish and Latin Rhythms 

On Friday night’s concert on May 17th, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will showcase the repertoire of rich tapestry of Latin Rhythms. Under the baton of Gerald Karni and joined by violist Boris Brezovac and cellist Daniel Müller–Schott, the orchestra will perform Don Quixote by Strauss, alongside Debussy’s Ibéria and Márquez’s Danzón. The vibrant essence of […]

Aleksandar Latković, principal

Orchestra member since 1 December 2003.   I admire the team work and atmosphere in the cello section of the BPO and I am proud of the Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet.   I am a great admirer of single espresso, mountain air, Mozart’s operas, sharp carving turns in skiing, Beethoven’s quartets, Belgrade rivers and quays, […]

Posted by bgf on 8. 2. 2016

Christoph Michael Wilhelm Jahn, principal

Member of the Belgrade Philharmonic since 2020.   I am proud to be a member of an exceptional and passionately dedicated ensemble such as the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, where everyone unconditionally gives their all at every concert.   When I am not performing, I love spending time in nature with my family and riding my […]

Posted by Petar on 8. 2. 2016

Katarina Stanković, assistant principal

Orchestra member since 2002   I take special pride in being a part of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, in the chamber music concerts, seminars, my instrument…   Privately, I enjoy myself most when I go for walks with my dog Bea, a Rhodesian ridgeback! Those who are familiar with this race will know what I […]

Posted by bgf on 8. 2. 2016

Uroš Žikić

Orchestra member since 8 January 2002   I take special pride in my work with many renowned conductors, most notably with the remarkable Maestri Zubin Mehta and Alexander Rahbari.   I am jovial, relaxed, amicable, contented, professional, happily married, a father of a lovely little girl and a brilliant boy…

Posted by bgf on 8. 2. 2016

Dušan Kočišević

Orchestra member since 15 January 1992   I take special pride in my son’s wish to play the violin in the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra one day. I am also proud of my BPO team shirt, with my name and the number 20 on it, which I received from my fellow musicians for the twentieth anniversary […]

Posted by bgf on 8. 2. 2016

Nataša Lišanin

Orchestra member since 1998   I take special pride in the great energy, cooperation, emotions between the conductor or soloists, ourselves and the audience. When the different temperaments are reconciled and these energies interact through the power of music. After all these years in the orchestra, I always welcome this feeling with joy.   I […]

Posted by bgf on 8. 2. 2016

Julijana Marković

Orchestra member since 1994   I take special pride in my orchestral and chamber music experience. I am also proud of being a founding member of The Secondhanders, the band that has made it possible for me to merge two of my greatest passions – classics and improvisation.   My motto is: ‘Whenever you weave, […]

Posted by bgf on 8. 2. 2016

Goran Mrđenović

Orchestra member since 1 February 1999   I take special pride in my artistic achievements, both past and future!   I am a naive optimist and a father of two little angels.

Posted by bgf on 8. 2. 2016

Dejan Timotijević

Orchestra member since 1996   I am proud, above all, of the gift from God to play, understand and live music, to relish every aspect of it over and over again. I take special pride in the fact that my playing makes people enjoy music as much as I do and that, at least for […]

Posted by bgf on 8. 2. 2016