Nataša Lišanin

Orchestra member since 1998
I take special pride in the great energy, cooperation, emotions between the conductor or soloists, ourselves and the audience. When the different temperaments are reconciled and these energies interact through the power of music. After all these years in the orchestra, I always welcome this feeling with joy.


I am, above all, a mum, a wife and a cellist. Maybe somebody could add something… Music fills my life, a great part of me and my family. Inspiration, motive, pain, sadness, hapiness – it accompanies all my moods.




Nataša Lišanin (violoncello) received primary and secondary music education at the Stevan Mokranjac Music School in Kraljevo, Serbia. She graduated at the Belgrade Faculty of Music, where she studied with Prof. Françoise Jakovčić. While a student, she was a member of the St. George Strings and in this ensemble she performed with highly esteemed soloists and composers at home and abroad. At the International Jeunesses Musicales Competition Belgrade, the ensemble won the first prize in the category of chamber music. As a member of a cello-accordion duo, Nataša premiered a piece by Zoran Božanić at Kolarac in 2005. She has nurtured the art of chamber performance in various chamber ensembles. She has been a permanent member of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra since 1998 and in this position she has performed throughout Serbia and around the world, with many renowned soloists and conductors.