Dejan Timotijević

Orchestra member since 1996


I am proud, above all, of the gift from God to play, understand and live music, to relish every aspect of it over and over again. I take special pride in the fact that my playing makes people enjoy music as much as I do and that, at least for a brief moment, they are consumed with fantasy and joy of music. Although music can also evoke sad memories and emotions, this just makes me all the more proud of being able to sense this unique feeling and relay it to others.

Who am I…? Firstly, I am a cellist who loves animals and nature and considers them the most precious things in the world. I am none the less passionate about motorcycles and rollerblades 🙂 , which take all of my free time. But above all, I am a hedonist. A fine cigar, enjoying nature – that is my middle name. 🙂