Dušan Kočišević

Orchestra member since 15 January 1992


I take special pride in my son’s wish to play the violin in the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra one day. I am also proud of my BPO team shirt, with my name and the number 20 on it, which I received from my fellow musicians for the twentieth anniversary of my working with the orchestra. Hopefully it will not be my last shirt… this has been a looooong ride… 🙂


In the old days, I often used to go cycling and skiing. Nowadays, most of my time goes on daily trips to school or music school and back home. In the rare moments of leisure, I like to read an exciting crime novel.




Dušan Kočišević was born in Belgrade in 1973. He started taking cello lessons at the age of six with Stevan Bešević, at the Mokranjac Music School. He continued the musical training at the Belgrade Faculty of Music with Ksenija Janković and Sandra Belić. Dušan also attended international cello seminars with Michael Flaxman and Kazimir Michalik. He won the first prizes at the National Competition in Belgrade and the Federal Competition in Sarajevo in 1989.


Dušan also commits to working in chamber ensembles, with which he has appeared throughout Serbia and the former Yugoslavia. He has made several recordings for radio, television and theatre. He has participated in the International Review of Composers since its beginnings and he also engages in other projects with many national and regional ensembles. Dušan has been a member of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra since 1992.