The Philharmonic Theatre – the series of theatre concerts in which famous composers’ letters are read, resumes on Thursday, 23 February at 7pm (BPO Hall). The third concert of this series is dedicated to Gustav Mahler, whose portrait will be painted by director Gordan Matić. Between selected movements from Mahler’s symphonies, actors Vladimir Aleksić and Tamara Krcunović will present fragments from the life of the composer and his fatal love – Alma Mahler.
While preparing the narrative about Mahler, from his letters, biographies and, of course, his music, director Gordan Matić realised the full complexity of the composer’s personality: “If I have to define and summarize his essence, I would use two words: contrast and conflict. It seems as though at least two persons are trapped inside one body all the while”, said the director, who sees these contrasts as keys to the creation of the unique pieces of music.
The research of the turbulent life of the composer and Alma Mahler – the exceptional personality that marked an entire period, offers a new vantage point for enjoying and understanding Mahler’s music. In this theatre concert in the intimate ambience of the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall, the audience will hear chamber versions of symphonies No. 1 and 5.
The musicians and actors at the Philharmonic Theatre, led every time by a different director, create a new genre that combines the arts of theatre and music. By correlating composers’ correspondence with the people they were close with, on the one hand, and the music they wrote, on the other, they create theatre concerts – pieces that comprise music and narration. The philharmonic stage will be transformed into a theatre state once again on 13 April, when the focus will be on the personal correspondence and music of Robert Schumann.