The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will play the musical story of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, by American film score composer John Williams, as part of the Children’s Concert Series from 23 March to 1 April, weekdays at 10am and 12 noon. Aleksandar Kojić, the conductor with the magic baton, and Branislava Podrumac, as the narrator, will lead the Belgrade schoolchildren through the story of the famous boy Harry, in the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall.
Through the film music that underlies the well-known story about Harry Potter’s adventures, the youngsters will learn about the instruments that constitute an orchestra, as well as about some unusual ones that are not so frequently used. Thus, the flight of the magical owl will be emulated by the celesta, an instrument that makes crystal clear tones with unbelievable speed. The formal atmosphere of the unorthodox school for witches and sorcerers will be represented by the noble sound of the horn. The composer delegated the task of portraying extraordinary leaps and the astonishing agility of the magic broomstick to woodwinds, the contrabassoon will play the dog, while the harp will illustrate its slumber. The usual orchestral instruments will also be joined by recorders, with which the school kids are already familiar.
Instead of her vocal skills, opera and musical star Branislava Podrumac will demonstrate authentic acting prowess this time, as she brings to life Harry Potter’s adventures and magic. The youngsters will see a full-sized orchestra performing the demanding score written by John Williams, the composer of music for cult films such as Star Wars, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Superman, Indiana Jones etc.