The Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a concert titled “High Five!”, on Tuesday, 24 May at 7pm. In the intimate ambience of the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall, the same place where their chamber mission had originally begun, they will play quartets by Mozart, Mendelssohn and Ravel.
The Belgrade Philharmonic musicians Jelena Dragnić, Vladan Lončar, Boris Brezovac and Aleksandar Latković founded the BPO String Quartet in 2011. In addition to achieving recognition in Serbia, during these five years they have also had significant international successes, including a guest appearance in Izmir, Turkey, in venues in the United Arab Emirates, at the Tianjin Concert Hall in China, as well as a performance at the Centre Culturel de Serbie in Paris.
Restlessly exploring the string quartet literature, the musicians are committed to nourishing this genre: “Our initial motivation, when we started the Quartet, was pure and simple, just as a career in art and music should be. It is still the same now, and I am confident that it will never change. That is why time is not a factor which we use to measure anything, although we like to point out that, five years later, we are at the end of our beginning”, said Jelena Dragnić, the Quartet’s first violin, and added: “The period behind us was full of travelling and successful concerts all around the world, but there is no greater feeling for a musician than when you play at home!”
For their home audience, the musicians have prepared Mozart’s String Quartet No.15 in D minor, K.421, Mendelssohn’s Op.44 No.2 in E minor, as well as Ravel’s in F major. Besides celebrating their five years of work, this concert also announces the BPO String Quartet’s guest appearance in Salzburg, at the Herbert Hall on 30 May. The tickets for Tuesday’s concert are available at the Belgrade Philharmonic Box Office, as well as online. The price is 500 Dinars per ticket.