The Accordion Orchestra from Kragujevac will promote its first CD edition of the “Fall of Berlin,” in the Belgrade Philharmonic’s Music Hall, on Sunday, 22 April, at 12 noon. The public will have a unique opportunity to hear how compositions by Shostakovich, Wagner, Mokranjac, and even the rock group Smak, sound when played on accordions.
“In this difficult period when we have been attempting to find a suitable venue for the promotion of our audio album in order to try to motivate potential donors for our participation at the Accordion Festival in Pula, we have encountered the sincere understanding and support of Director Ivan Tasovac and the entire Belgrade Philharmonic team. By establishing this cooperation, the concert represents the fulfillment of the Kragujevac Accordion Orchestra’s great goal of presenting ourselves to the Belgrade public in the best possible way,” Professor Bojan Špica, the leader of the orchestra, said.
“This is further proof that great success requires not only effort and determination, but also enthusiasm. In addition to the quality that the Kragujevac Accordion Orchestra undoubtedly has, their absolute dedication to their goal and to the development of their creativity, are the very same values that the Belgrade Philharmonic also cultivates. An institution is as strong as its willingness to help others find their path to success; that is why we are cheering all the way for our young accordionists to fulfill their dreams,” Ivan Tasovac the director of the Belgrade Philharmonic, said.
The Kragujevac Accordion Orchestra is one of the more significant accordion orchestras in the sphere of classical music. It is made up of the best accordion students of the “Dr. Miloje Milojevic” middle music school, reinforced with the professor of this school and students of the Kragujevac University School of Philosophy and Arts.
In addition to organizing a concert by this unique orchestra, the Belgrade Philharmonic is also giving the young accordion players free tickets for a concert in its next season (24 May) featuring the Belgrade Philharmonic and Ksenija Sidorova, the best accordionist in the world.