This Friday, the Belgrade Philharmonic’s online season on our YouTube channel is broadcasting our orchestra’s performance from the 2016/17 season marking the 100th anniversary of the premiere of Violin Concerto No. 2, by Petar Stojanović. The violin solo was performed by Mirjana Nešković, deputy concertmaster of the Belgrade Philharmonic, with conductor Eidji Oue.

The Belgrade Philharmonic would like to thank the RTS for the recording.

Petar Stojanović, violinist and one of the most important Serbian composers of the first half of the 20th century, is known for his violin concertos. Concerto No. 2 was performed in 1916 in Prague and today is considered his most successful concert achievement. However, due to the non-existence of the score, he disappeared from the concert podiums for more than fifty years.

In order to revive this work of undisputed value, the Belgrade Philharmonic included the composition in one of its programs, as part of its For Adventurers series. The sheet music was in very poor condition, parts of the material were in the libraries of the Belgrade Philharmonic and the Faculty of Music, while the score was missing. Thanks to Mirjana Živković, recently deceased composer and professor at the Faculty of Music, the work was reconstructed in 2016 and prepared for performance.