The COVID pandemic has affected the performing arts and completely changed the previous practices of listening to and performing music. All the Belgrade Philharmonic’s plans for its 2020-21 concert season have been archived and are waiting for better times, and the main word that accompanies the announcement of cultural events is – restriction – of both the audience in the music halls and the performers on stage.

For years now, the Belgrade Philharmonic has faced the pleasant challenges of increasing the capacity of concert halls that are too small for all those who want to hear the orchestra. And now, in this new reality, the challenge is far from being pleasant because we are forced to limit our audience to far smaller numbers.

However, the Belgrade Philharmonic has found a way to continue playing concerts and also breaking through all the barriers imposed by the restrictions. In order to keep our loyal audience and also reach out to the largest number of people and make their everyday lives more beautiful, our solution is – “Music everywhere”!

If we cannot get everybody to come to the Belgrade Philharmonic, then at least the Belgrade Philharmonic can go to them, by taking its program from the concert halls and bringing it to where everyone can hear it.

Our orchestra’s recorded music is “broadcast” in supermarkets, city transportation vehicles, waiting areas, post offices, stores, telephone lines, public places… Practically we have enabled our music to be everywhere and make every day as special as going to a concert.

The partners of this campaign have recognized the Belgrade Philharmonic’s mission and have supported our efforts to make our music heard everywhere. Our campaign carries the identity of famous composers from the past centuries, whose music we have and brought to life into our present lives in the times of the corona virus.

We would like to thank all the partners and friends of our mission #MusicEverywhere – and we welcome you to spread the positive philharmonic energy further.

Telekom Srbija – mts

Serbian Post Office

Erste Bank

CarGo Technologies

Delhaise Serbia

JP Belgrade Fortress

Data Status Publishers – Akademija bookstore

Banja Koviljača Special Hospital

Miloš Clinic – MediGroup

Jevremova Hospital – MediGroup

Hairdresser Taubner

“Dusko Radović” Elementary School

Bulevar Despota Stefana 68a

Hairdresser “Jovan”

The Gallery of Matica srpska