The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is inviting the audience to choose the music they would like to hear in the largest ever open-air concert of classical music in Serbia, scheduled on 25 June 2017.
The audience can vote for their favourite programme at the orchestra’s website www.bgf.rs/glasanje, choosing from a list of 25 pieces.
The pieces that receive the most votes will be performed in the free concert directed by Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz, organised at the site where the orchestra’s new concert hall will be built, in the New Belgrade Block 13, near the Palace of Serbia.
The list of music pieces offered by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra includes the most popular classical music compositions, such as Bizet’s Carmen, Ravel’s Bolero, waltzes by Strauss and Shostakovich, Mambo from the West Side Story and The Imperial March from Star Wars, as well as Konjović’s The Great Chochek Dance and Hristić’s Turtledove.
The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is inviting music lovers from all corners of Serbia, especially families with children, its subscribers and all the people who have not had an opportunity to hear the orchestra play, to this grand concert picnic, in which they will enjoy the most beautiful classical music numbers that they chose themselves.