Tijana played and whistled, and the musicians showered her with flowers

Tijana Milošević, the Belgrade Philharmonic’s first violin, received standing ovations as soloist at three concerts (5, 6, and 7 November 2020) with her orchestra and Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz. After her dazzling performance of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, the audience kept bringing her back on stage and the Belgrade Philharmonic musicians surprised her with a “rain” of flowers at the end.

Although in limited numbers, the audience reacted enthusiastically at all three concerts, turning the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall into a football stadium full of cheering fans. Tijana was authentic and energetic as she played the famous composition in a completely new way, and in addition to her virtuosity on the violin, she also whistled a part of the composition with great charm. She was accompanied by the outstanding Belgrade Philharmonic strings and Maestro Feltz, and together they created a fantastic and memorable atmosphere that not even the strict COVID rules could touch.

“I see the Seasons as a single cycle, a circle that always keeps closing and reopening. I tried to show a certain measure of childish joy in anticipation of every season, but also the great anxieties and fears we face, such as pollution and not being able to breathe clean air. On the one hand, there is great joy, and on the other hand, there is a problem that we are trying to draw attention to with music. I have been working with my philharmonic team for such a long time that we understand each other intuitively, and everyone is giving their all with great love and dedication. They did their best, especially our chief conductor, Gabriel Feltz, to make this performance a joint creative endeavor,” Tijana Milošević said.