Belgrade Philharmonic thrills again – surprise concerts in Lazarevac, Grocka, and Surčin

The Belgrade Philharmonic has delighted passers-by once again with three surprise concerts in three different places at the same time. Strollers in the pedestrian zones of Lazarevac, Grocka, and Surčin, enjoyed the mini performances of the various Belgrade Philharmonic ensembles.


After staging a surprise concert in the city center a few weeks ago, the Belgrade Philharmonic is now going to the city’s suburban areas, spreading the idea of ​​its new season: Music Everywhere. Our clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, horn, and double bass players performed in Lazarevac, spreading good cheer with parts from Rossini’s The Barber of Seville. Our charming ensemble of three flutists and percussionists created a joyful atmosphere in Grocka. The sound of piccolos, flutes, and tambourines delighted young and old alike with pastoral themes that harkened back to the old days of the troubadours. And in Surčin, our trombone quartet demonstrated the powerful sound of these instruments, but also showed their skills and expressiveness in performing jazz.


In our new season, the Belgrade Philharmonic says: Music Everywhere, not only with surprise public concerts, but also by playing our concerts, recorded at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall, in public spaces, stores, offices, cars, health facilities, bookstores, during telephone calls when placed on hold, etc. In this campaign, the Belgrade Philharmonic is joined by its numerous partners with whom it has started spreading positive energy wherever its audience is, hoping to make its music readily accessible to everyone.