The BPO Octet concluded its Philharmonic Plays South mini tour.
For the first time in its recent history, the Belgrade Philharmonic was introduced to the southern regions of Serbia by its representative chamber ensemble. The concerts in Vranje, Leskovac and Aleksinac attracted large audiences hungry for first-rate cultural programmes. Local venues were too tight to admit all interested people, which resulted in many being denied the opportunity to witness the event that will live in the memory of the three towns for a long time.
The gift from the musicians to the southern audiences was Schubert’s Octet, which they consider a “symphony for chamber ensemble”. The demanding six-movement chamber music jewel posed a challenge for both the musicians and the audience. The orchestra’s Concertmaster Tijana Milošević said: “This is one of the capital works of the art of music. It does not belong among popular pieces that are likeable at first hearing. Nevertheless, the audience ecstatically absorbed our performance. Although we did most of the job by ourselves, I need to also point out the invaluable help and support we received from local partners.”
After Schubert’s masterpiece and the standing ovations, the musicians rewarded the contented southerners with a playful encore, performing Hora Martisor with distinct ethnic elements, arranged by Konstantin Blagojević.
The Belgrade Philharmonic remains deeply committed to the idea of decentralisation and to continuing these activities in the future seasons, as well. We are looking forward to the next decentralisation concert, which may well be in your town!