Tickets Available for the BPO Chamber Series

After the interesting stories about famous composers, revealed from the letters they wrote, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is announcing five new programmes under the peculiar title Pandemonium. The pieces that will be played in this series are inspired by intriguing literary works, which will be narrated together with the music. Thus, our musicians will again share the philharmonic chamber stage with actors.
The Pandemonium will include Serbian premiers of William Walton’s Façade (21 September), H. K. Gruber’s Frankenstein!! (19 October), Giovanni Sollima’s Viaggio in Italia (30 November), as well as the world premiere of Ian Wilson’s Socrate (11 January 2018). The series will be concluded by the only one of the five pieces that our audience is already familiar with – Igor Stravinsky’s still revolutionary The Soldier’s Tale (5 April 2018).
The Pandemonium will bring a cabaret ambience to the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall, combining various 20th century styles – from the neoclassical, jazz and the synthesis of popular and folklore sounds to the total theatre that integrates dance, music and acting.
The sale of ticket sets starts on 4 September at the Belgrade Philharmonic Ticket Office (Studentski trg 11), as well as online, whereas the tickets for individual concerts will be available as of 18 September 2017. The Philharmonic Pandemonium will be staged on Thursday’s at 7pm at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall.