The first Belgrade Philharmonic Festival ended on February 13;  a 10-day event in which this ensemble, with 10 performances by its members and programs that were performed over several concert evenings, tried to find another way of bridging the gap and overcoming the limitations in our concert life caused by the pandemic. The festival, which took place at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall, rounded off the performance of the Belgrade Philharmonic conducted by Gabriel Feltz and a three-day concert of works by Stravinsky, Mahler, and Schubert. We would like to single out a critical review by Radoš Mitrović, broadcast on Radio Belgrade 2 on February 15, 2021, as part of the Ars Sonora radio program:

“Despite the specific conditions in which our cultural life has been taking place, the Belgrade Philharmonic has managed to hold its first festival and present their various ensembles. They held several concerts of chamber music as well as two concerts featuring the entire orchestra. In the last performance, which was the finale of this project, they presented a program of a diverse stylistic orientation …

… Overall, we could hear clearly focused harmonic progressions, unpretentiously guided melodies, without any inappropriate pathos, with a skillful construction of mild dynamic tonal colors and a well-organized musical flow. With the concert of maestro Tijana Milošević, the Belgrade Philharmonic ended this extremely inspiring performance effectively and confidently.”