Ticket sales starting on November 25

The Belgrade Philharmonic and musical comedy superstar, violinist Alexey Igudesman, present a New Year’s extravaganza with two concerts at Kolarac Hall, on December 26 and 27. His show, “Beethoven & More” will have its world premiere with the Belgrade Philharmonic. Ticket sales begin on November 25 at the Belgrade Philharmonic’s Ticket Office as well as online.

In the same way that the Belgrade Philharmonic’s entire concert season is dedicated to Beethoven, so our festive performances will also be marked by this composer. The entertaining Igudesman, a violinist who has conquered the world by performing classical music in a comical manner, will give his unique overview of some of Beethoven’s most famous works, in a humorous and original way.

Traditionally the Belgrade Philharmonic’s most joyous concerts have delighted audiences and attracted huge attention, and at the end of 2019 our orchestra will perform with the popular Igudesman for the third time. In the past 30 years this artist has been making waves in the music world, as a violinist, composer, conductor, comedian, producer, director, actor, entrepreneur, writer, poet, cook, and hedonist.