Children’s choir KOLIBRI

Kolibri (the hummingbird), is the smallest bird in the world: tiny, yet with brilliant, glittering colors and unrestrained in motion. Connotation – a child. Hence the name of the Kolibri children’s choir. It is the place where children grow and sing… It is a school with distinctive classes – fairytales, speech and motor skills development, breathing, concentration, expression of thoughts, learning new concepts, socialization, awareness, friendship, selflessness and respect of self and others, all through the joy of singing.

The Kolibri Children’s Choir was founded in 1963 by Milica Manojlović, the long-time conductor of this youngest ensemble within the Music Production of Radio and Television of Serbia.

Kolibri is a unique children’s choir with a distinctive singing culture, charming interpretation, and a very professional approach to performing, nurtured in a thoughtful love for music and active acceptance of music, conveying its message to listeners with unique pleasure. Approach to singing, breathing, creating an interpretation, understanding the text, whether it is in Serbian or not – it all comes together in the choir’s musical expression.

The choir has held over a hundred concerts in the country and abroad and participated in the production of audio dramas, television shows, series, and films. It has recorded 7 audio cassettes, 19 singles and 42 LP records and 4 audio CDs for the label PGP-RTB/RTS.

Outstanding artistic achievements and aesthetic gratification have brought this choir many awards, the most significant being the Charter of Radio Belgrade for its contribution to the development of children’s and youth music, the Golden Ring Award of the Cultural and Educational Community of Belgrade for its achievements in the field of science and art, the Charter of the Association of Composers for its contribution to the development of music artistry, a UNICEF Acknowledgement, the Golden Syrinx of Radio Television Belgrade for the greatest annual achievement of the RTB ensemble, the Order of Labor with a Silver Wreath, the Days of Mokranjac Medal and the Zmaj Award.

Today, the choir is led by Ljiljana Ranđelović. She graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Music, Department of Music Pedagogy. Since the age of seven, he has been engaged in choral singing and choral music. In 1995, he became the youngest member of the then only professional ensemble in the country – the RTS Choir. In March 2012, with great pleasure and enthusiasm, she took over the choir Kolibri, thus continuing the work of Milica Manojlović that she had started back in 1963. She recorded her first, and Kolibri’s fourth audio CD with the choir – Kolibri Planet, with the most famous domestic pop and rock musicians signed as authors of the songs.