Anja Đorđević

Anja Đorđević has pursued a unique career combination of a composer and vocal performer. Her music is a training ground for conversing with the works from past periods, with the melodies that shaped her work, which she likes and wants to adopt. Anja Djordjević is bound to the world of melodies, which pass through her as a medium before they reach the listeners, enriched, transformed and bewondered. At the same time, as a performer, she has a profound connection with stage space, bringing together in her works the experience of musical abstract communicativeness and the physical experience of the stage and body.
Born in Belgrade, Anja Djordjević completed her composition studies with Prof. Vlastimir Trajković and Zoran Erić. In 2003, she received the Mokranjac Award for her opera Narcis i Eho (Narcissus and Echo), which was also the first staged contemporary opera by a female Serbian composer. In addition to composing, Anja often works on theatre and film projects, while her primary field of expression has been the musical theatre.
Back in the 1990s, she collaborated with double bass player Vojin Draškoci in the Musical Syntheses project, while from the year 2000 she was a member of the ethno-fusion ensemble Marsija, founded by Žorž Grujić. She was also a member of the Ravno nebo ensembleand since 2012 she has been performing with the Šlageri sa šlagom quintet, to which she contributed original renditions of well-known Schlager and pop music, with new lyrics by dramaturges Maja Pelević and Slobodan Obradović. Thus far, Anja’s triple career of a singer, music arranger and composer has been materialized in idiosyncratic and critically acclaimed works such as the opera Narcis i Eho, the Tesla songs project, Abduction of Europa for symphonic orchestra, the multimedia pieces Oglasi, Bog grada for mixed choir and string orchestra, stage cantata Atlas for female voice, chamber orchestra, narrator…