In the third concert For Beginners, conductor Vladimir Kulenović will lead our orchestra’s interpretation of first symphonies written by the three masters of this genre. On Friday, 26 February (Kolarac, 8pm), the audience will be able to hear and compare the first symphonic steps of Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven and Gustav Mahler.
For Beginners, we have prepared a special guide to the evolution of symphonic music. From Haydn – the founder of Classicism, to Beethoven – the greatest classical romanticist, to Mahler – the late romanticist who introduced the classical music into the world of modernism. The evolution of this genre, from the instrumentation that included a harpsichord to monumental orchestra sizes, can be tracked though initial symphonies of the three composers who were mutually related by their music. Conductor Kulenović will demonstrate the innovations that Haydn introduced in his first symphony, Beethoven’s bold and advanced experimentation, as well as clear features of Mahler’s grandiose style which was already distinctive in his Symphony No 1.
“The first symphonies by Haydn, Beethoven and Mahler are, in fact, like one symphony. The idea is to follow its evolution through the first steps of these three composers; however, in the end of the concert we should understand that symphonic form is the fruit of the tree planted by Bach, which is distinct in Haydn and Beethoven, and perhaps the most in Mahler”, said young conductor Kulenović, recently named the Chicagoan of the Year in classical music thanks to the successful career he has been building in the USA.
Resident conductor of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra since 2013/14, Kulenović feels that this orchestra has a strong energy and emotional integrity: “There is no official soloist in this concert, but the symphonies we will perform, most notably Mahler’s, allow the soloists in the orchestra to express their voices very clearly. You will realise that the main lights are focused on the wonderful soloists of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra”.
The series For Beginners is conceived for ‘novices’ in the world of classical music, as well as for experienced concertgoers who feel the beginners’ excitement for music masterpieces over and over again. The next concert of this series is scheduled on 18 March, when the orchestra will be directed by the famous lady conductor Jane Glover.