Ahead of the grand guest appearance with violinist Nemanja Radulović in Moscow, under the baton of Daniel Raiskin, the musicians will give two performances at Kolarac, on 2 and 3 September at 8 PM. The Belgrade audience will thus be the first to hear the programme to be performed a few days later at the impressive Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, at the renowned Moscow Philharmonic’s season opening concert.
For its guest appearance in the music capital of the world, the Belgrade Philharmonic has prepared a Slavic repertoire, to be opened with Fantasia on Serbian Themes by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and rounded off with Symphony No 9, From the New World by Antonin Dvorak. The superstar violinist Nemanja Radulović will perform one of the most popular pieces written for this instrument, Concerto for violin and orchestra by Aram Khachaturian.
Nemanja Radulović eagerly looks forward to the upcoming concerts with the Philharmonic in Belgrade, as well as to his debut appearance in Moscow. “I am thrilled about these appearances, since the repertoire includes Khachaturian’s Concerto, which requires high virtuosity and ardour, yet oozes lyricism. This music always inspires me in a special way,” says Nemanja, whose charisma impresses the conductor Daniel Raiskin: “This is my first collaboration with this amazing artist and I am particularly excited about performing before two different audiences. The Belgrade Philharmonic’s concert in Moscow, at the same time, opens the Moscow Philharmonic’s concert season, which poses a great challenge and a demanding task,” says Raiskin, proud to take the orchestra he considers the key representative of Serbia’s culture to his own homeland.
The Moscow concert, scheduled for 6 September, will be our orchestra’s first performance in this city in over twenty years. The history of the Belgrade Philharmonic includes tours of the USSR in 1963 and 1978. The “Pre-Moscow Nights” at Kolarac attracted immense interest and tickets for both concerts were sold out in only two days, three months ago.