The birthday of the Belgrade Philharmonic, which was founded on June 13, 1923, was marked in the most delectable way. The Philharmonic got its own ice cream flavor, chosen by its fans on social networks, and it will now be part of the regular assortment of flavors at Moritz Eis ice cream parlors.

“On our 98th birthday we combined two things that no one can resist:  ice cream and the Belgrade Philharmonic. While we still have to be moderate with ice cream, we can enjoy the Belgrade Philharmonic without limit, that is why these two delicacies are a perfect combination”,  Ivan Tasovac, director of the Belgrade Philharmonic, said.

Fans were asked on our social networks which ice cream flavor most reminded them of the Belgrade Philharmonic. They gave many suggestions and in their comments shared their associations regarding ice cream flavors and our orchestra. The winning combination was chocolate – for the color of our instruments, mint – for the freshness of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s programs, and pistachio – for the Belgrade Philharmonic’s exotic style.

With this promotion, the Belgrade Philharmonic’s “Music Everywhere” project has gone a step further with a new partner, Moritz Eis. In a season marked by the COVID pandemic, every performance in the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall was recorded and broadcast in numerous locations outside the concert hall and in places where classical music had never been heard before. In this way, the Belgrade Philharmonic reached out to a new audience and more than 60,000 hours of orchestra music were heard at 423 locations in 106 towns all over Serbia.

In addition to patrons of Moritz Eis being able to listen to the Belgrade Philharmonic, now they will also be able to taste it, and the Belgrade Philharmonic flavor will change every year with every new concert season!