The fourth part of the Philharmonic Theatre (Thursday, 13 April at the BPO Hall, 7pm) presents the life of Robert Schumann, played by actor Vladimir Aleksić; his love Clara is played by Tamara Krcunović, while Ivan Tasovac will be the narrator. Joining the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra musicians in a practically salon-like atmosphere, they will re-enact parts of Schumann’s life by reading his letters and live-dubbing parts of the black-and-white film Song of Love.
Tasovac delightedly accepted the invitation of the actors to narrate this theatre concert. “In the time in which we are desensitized by bad news, which we often thoughtlessly seek by ourselves, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s concerts remain an oasis of beauty. Thus far, the Philharmonic Theatre has staged the stories about Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Mahler. After Schumann, the season will be concluded by Igor Stravinsky. Based on the composers’ letters to the persons they were close with, these stories reveal all those hidden and often very intimate things that occurred behind the stage”, said Tasovac.
It is hard to imagine the story about the life of Robert Schumann without reflecting on his relationship with pianist Clara Wieck. Fascinated by their relationship, which would “make a perfect film”, actor Vladimir Aleksić has decided to also direct this theatre concert:
“Their love story includes all the elements that make a good scenario – there are the motifs of forbidden love, struggle for life, success, illness of a spouse, rivalry and finally death. This is exactly why I have decided to go ahead with this staging, which will bring together different worlds in which this love story lives: the authentic material, letters and music, as well as the fiction, film clips and the narrative.”

Through the role of Clara Schumann, Tamara Krcunović will give the audience an insight into the life of the great composer and his music: “By playing various roles in the Philharmonic Theatre, I have realised that, despite living in different eras, we artists live the same lives and face the same problems in our creative work and in the way we handle the seriousness of the artistic process”, said Tamara.
In the emulated atmosphere of upper-class salons, the BPO will play Schumann’s best known pieces, while the actors nostalgically bring this great love to life by live-dubbing clips from the 1947 film Song of Love, directed by Clarence Brown, which starred Katharine Hepburn (Clara Wieck Schumann) and Paul Henreid (Robert Schumann).