Here Is What the Belgrade Philharmonic Has Prepared for its Audience

Having presented programs for children that have been listened to 28,200 times via a digital platform, the Belgrade Philharmonic is announcing a variety of contents that can be monitored daily on social networks and on our website. The audience is especially invited to listen to our concerts on Friday nights – from home!

“If someone had told me only a few months ago that the first thing we would think of when we say corona is an epidemic instead of a musical sign for extending notes or breaks, or at least a beer after a Friday night concert, I would never have believed it!”

“This corona has separated us. I cannot say anything about it except that we will beat it faster and with fewer fatalities if we adhere to prescribed procedures unconditionally and heed the advice of our doctors. And they have said very clearly – do not leave your homes! But, imagine what this lockdown would be like today if we did not have the Internet. This way, in addition to a multitude of good quality and accessible programs, we are also able to offer you those that make Belgrade Philharmonic concerts so popular. That is our mission,” Director Ivan Tasovac said.

Mondays will be reserved for members of our orchestra in lockdown, with blogs by our orchestra musicians, who will share their experiences and tips on how to spend our time in the best possible way. Tuesdays will feature guests of the Belgrade Philharmonic, renowned conductors and musicians, whose performances had been planned but were cancelled due to this worldwide health hazard. On Wednesdays we are offering an audio experience: listening to concerts from the Belgrade Philharmonic’s archives. Thursday will be a day for recalling our past successes and our most memorable moments, and Fridays are reserved for our traditional evening concerts, with the Belgrade Philharmonic performing online.

Weekends will include browsing through interesting material from other record companies and some unavoidable musical humor. Through these contents that the Belgrade Philharmonic has created for you, our public, we are saying: Stay at Home and Listen to Music.