A new generation of young musicians has the opportunity to train with experienced philharmonic musicians at the Third Philharmonic Academy – The “Philcademy,” from 19 to 30 November 2018.

For our third generation of Philcademy students, their older colleagues have prepared something very special – orchestra talks. In a series of lectures, the musicians of the Belgrade Philharmonic, as experienced coaches, will instruct the trainees and talk to them openly about all the important topics and problems, for example, how to prepare for orchestral auditions, how to prepare emotionally and physically for concerts, how to cope with the eternal scourge of musicians – stage fright, and how to play without stress. Moderating the orchestra talks will be violinist Jelena Dimitrijević, and lecturers include her colleagues from the orchestra: Mirjana Nešković, Nikola Ćirić, Boris Brezovac, Mihailo Samoran, Tijana Milošević, Jelena Dragnić, Aleksandar Radulović, Dušan Petrović, Sanja Romić, and Aleksandar Latković. The orchestra talks will be conducted at the Kolarac Gallery from 27 to 29 November at 1:20 p.m. Entrance is free.

In the first week of working together, the Philcademy students first learn from their mentors, who introduce them to the finer points of orchestra music and then the young students will get a really great chance. Together, alongside experienced musicians, they will prepare a final concert under the baton of the “Old Maestro,” Uros Lajovic, the former chief conductor of the Belgrade Philharmonic.

For the third consecutive time, the Belgrade Philharmonic is proving that it is an important center of learning, because it provides professional training and practice to young musicians completely free of charge. For the best students and graduates of music academies in Serbia and the region, the “Philcademy” is a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge and practice with their mentors, the musicians of the Belgrade Philharmonic.