The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s first concert of the new season (Kolarac, 29 September), under the new Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz, ended with five-minute ovations. The Five Elements season was opened by the concert from the Earth series, and the programme included Beethoven’s Pastoral and Strauss’ Alpine Symphonies.

In the packed Kolarac Concert Hall, the orchestra’s season formally commenced with the performance of the Serbian national anthem Bože pravde. It was followed by the repertoire that Gabriel Feltz traditionally conducts when he is inaugurated as Chief Conductor in an orchestra.

The audience had an opportunity to hear how two masters of the musical art bow to the nature. Beethoven was nature’s great admirer, and his Pastoral Symphony testifies to this. Maestro Feltz and the orchestra painted beautiful images of the nature that parade one after another.

Strauss’ grandiose piece in the second part of the concert brought together 112 musicians, not only on the stage but on the gallery, as well, where the sounds of the nature were emulated by wind instruments. Vigorously directed by the Chief Conductor, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra led the audience to mountain climbing on the Alps – an unforgettable experience. The audience breathlessly followed this magnificent voyage, which ended with a sustained applause.

Maestro Feltz was overjoyed with the orchestra’s performance of Strauss’ masterpiece, which had originally influenced his decision to pursue a conductor’s career. The Belgrade Philharmonic musicians are proud of such a monumental launch of the season, as witnessed by the multitude of posts in social networks.