Snježana Pavićević, piccolo

Orchestra member since 2002
I take special pride in the fact that, despite everything, I still love what I do and would not change it, even though many perceive it as a hobby one pursues out of love and keep asking me if I have a real job to support myself.
I am a person who rejoices life; I truly believe in the saying that happiness is made of little things. I am cheered up by every sunny day, a sincere smile of a dear one, a good book or a glass of fine wine in good company. I can’t stand shopping, but I’ll take a cup of coffee and chat with a friend any time. I know my way around the kitchen too, I make a killer pumpkin pie or cherry pie – as can be verified by some colleagues who have tasted them. I don’t like crowds, neither on the public transport nor in shopping malls – only at our concerts. I prefer an intimate company of selected persons, and I highly value the rare moments of solitude. I adore my work – I think our annual leave is too long (and I don’t care if my colleagues resent my saying so.