Milana Zaric

Orchestra member since February 2005.
I take special pride in being a member of the best Serbian orchestra and in having performed with brilliant fellow musicians, conductors and soloists over the past eight years. I look forward to playing a part in the future of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. I am proud of the fact that my job keeps inspiring me time and time again, giving me delight and teaching me new things about music and communicating with people. In addition to the BPO, I have also been a member of the contemporary music ensemble Studio 6. Our performance at the BEMUS festival in October 2013 makes me feel particularly dignified.
I am inquisitive and communicative, typically influenced by a large dose of energy and an optimistic perspective of current and future life. I rejoice in transoceanic travel, but cycling in the streets of Belgrade in the spring makes me none the less blissful.
Milana Zaric is the solo harpist of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. She earned her degrees at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, the London Trinity College and the Belgrade Faculty of Music, where she was the best student in her generation.
During her studies, she won several first prizes at national music competitions and received the special award at the Chigiana Summer Academy in Siena, Italy. Milana got her first professional engagement immediately after graduating from the Trinity College, when she became the first harpist in the Opera of the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. She has been the solo harpist of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra since 2005, during which time she has appeared under the leadership of Z. Mehta, М. Tang, А. Rahbari, U. Lajovic and many other celebrated conductors, on tours in Sweden, Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Active both as a soloist and a chamber musician, Milana Zaric is also dedicated to improvised music.
Milana is the founding member of the Belgrade Philharmonic Trio Timbre, as well as of the contemporary music ensemble Studio 6. Further, she has regularly appeared with the Zebeljan Ensemble and the No Borders Orchestra. During her two-year postgraduate training in the Netherlands, she cooperated with the leading ensembles for new music Nieuw Ensamble, Atlas Ensamble and Ligeti Ensamble, and also regularly appeared with her ensemble Echoes, having performed original music for plucked string instruments and percussions.
Milana Zaric’s previous appearances at festivals include Culturescapes (Basel),  BEAM (London), NEW Festival (The Hague), Doek Festival (Amsterdam), Biennale (Zagreb), BITEF, Composers’ Review, International Harp Festival, Festival dedicated to Ljubica Maric (Belgrade, Amsterdam).
Milana is also committed to giving premiere performances of harp pieces and expanding the harp repertoire (solo and orchestral). Thus far, she has had several composers dedicate their works to her, including Richard Barrett, Falk Huebner, Hugo Morales, Jasna Velickovic, Teodora Stepancic, Ana Gnjatovic and Ivan Brkljacic.