It is a commonly known fact that, as the year is coming close to an end, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra are gearing up for an incredible show at Kolarac. This year, the famous New Year’s concerts are scheduled for December 29th and 30th. Under the baton of maestro Daniel Raiskin, the Belgrade Philharmonic is curating a special program titled All Stars, showcasing its orchestral stars. Tickets have long been sold out, but standing tickets will be available for purchase an hour before each concert at Kolarac.

The BPO New Year’s concerts are highly sought-after performances, events audiences prepare for months in advance. The culmination of 2023 will honor the orchestra’s centennial. In this milestone season dedicated to celebrating the Belgrade Philharmonic’s values, the most golden of these are its orchestral forces. The All Stars of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, its orchestral NBA league, feature prominent musicians who will shine in a whole new light, showcasing the diversity of their talents rarely seen during regular performances, like the ones on Fridays at Kolarac.

The lineup includes clarinetist Ognjen Popovic, who will not only display his skills but also his talent as a composer. Percussionist Aleksandar Radulović, together with his fellow musician Ivan Marjanović, will perform on an expanded set of instruments loaded with unusual accessories. Also gracing the stage are violinist Slađana Aleksić, Nikola Ćirić playing horn, and a special guest – retired Philharmonic member, clarinetist Ante Grgin, who had his first performance with the Belgrade Philharmonic nearly sixty years ago. No New Year’s concert would be complete without an encore – and as always, the Philharmonic keeps their encore a surprise!

Whereas the Vienna Philharmonic’s concerts are popular and loved for their consistent nature, the immense popularity of the New Year’s concerts by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra stems from their diversity. The orchestra’s loyal fans simply embrace different renditions, from circus-like spectacles to Studio 54 vibes and even New York jazz club experiences.