On 24 June, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is giving the new one open-air classical music concert or audio-visual spectacle: An HD Odyssey, under the baton of our Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz.

Audience from all over the country, especially families with children, are more than welcome to join us for this great concert picnic, in which they will enjoy the most beautiful classical music numbers, at the site where the orchestra’s new concert hall will be built – in New Belgrade Block 13, in the field between the Ušće Shopping Centre and the Palace of Serbia.

Entrance to the site will be from Nikola Tesla Blvd. and from Ušće Street. The gates open at 5pm and the concert will start at 8,30 pm. Public transportation will be redirected to Mihajlo Pupin Blvd, whereas if you are coming by car, the city services recommend parking lots at Sava Centar and the Štark Arena. Entry will not be permitted to bicycles, and it is also not recommended to bring pets.

Entrance to the Baby Pit (for parents with children under 7 years and expectant mothers) is from the direction of Ušće Street. Parents with small children are allowed to bring their baby carriages and strollers if necessary. Disabled persons can enter from the direction of Ušće Street

Bringing food and beverages is allowed, except in cans and glass containers/packaging. Visitors are encouraged to bring blankets or similar sitting mats, while smaller-sized folding chairs will also be permitted.

All information about Open-Air concert you can find here.