“I fantasize about the Philharmonic commissioning me to write an opera called A Pančevian in Belgrade.”

A concert presentation of the new album by clarinetist Ognjen Popovic In My Heart, will be held at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall on Saturday, September 28, at 8:00 p.m. The Belgrade Philharmonic’s principal clarinetist will perform in his home institution, but in a completely different capacity.

In addition to being an accomplished instrumentalist, Ognjen is also a composer, and on his fifth CD, released by Mascom Records, there are thirteen beautifully arranged compositions with an unusual mix of jazz, pop, funk, and traditional.

“When composing, I find inspiration mostly in 70s and 80s pop jazz music, as well as in the film scores composed by Henry Mancini. My obsession with the Beatles, I am sure, is easily recognized in several compositions. As before, my roots are an inspiration, although this time to a much lesser extent, and therefore the influence of the Balkan musical heritage can be heard now and then. I have to admit that my appetite as a composer is growing from year to year. I fantasize about the Philharmonic commissioning me an opera called A Pančevian in Belgrade,” said the clarinetist, who, on this occasion, will not be playing in a tailcoat.

The Ognjen Popović Band consists of his friends and colleagues Miona Barbul (piano), Bane Gluvakov (guitar), Slobodan Gerić (double bass), and Aleksandar Sale Radulović (percussion). The concert promotion of In My Heart will be an opportunity for fans of Ognjen’s music to be among the first to hear a live performance from this release.

The CD In My Heart, plus tickets for the concert, can be ordered at a promotional discount through mascom.rs with free delivery, until Friday September 27, 2019.

On the day of the concert, the CD and tickets will be on sale at the Belgrade Philharmonic’s Box Office two hours before the concert.

Photo: Marko Đoković