The first concert of Gabriel Feltz after his appointment as the Chief Conductor of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra from the season 2017/18 is scheduled on Friday 3 February (Kolarac, 8pm). He opened the rehearsal by addressing the musicians in the Serbian language and so kept the promise he made in September that he would start learning our language as a sign of respect for the orchestra and the Serbian culture overall.
“I am very happy that we will collaborate over the next couple of years. As you can see, I have started learning Serbian. However, in the beginning I will work with you in English and partly in Serbian”, said Feltz and delighted the orchestra ahead of the rehearsal, which started in a very positive atmosphere.
Although his tenure as the Chief Conductor will not begin until September, Feltz believes that his relationship with the orchestra has already upgraded and has expressed his wish to start the collaboration immediately with sharp focus and high motivation.
“I was especially pleased by the news of Ivan Tasovac’s reappointment as the orchestra’s Director. He was the first person I met here in 2009 and I believe that he is the best choice for the orchestra owing to his successes and professionalism. I am confident that, by joining efforts in our respective domains, we will help the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra to reach its maximum potential”, said Gabriel Feltz, who is currently working as General Music Director of the Dortmund Opera and Chief Conductor of the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra.
The repertoire of the Friday’s concert is marked by Prometheus, from both Liszt’s and Beethoven’s vantage point. The concert from the series For Connoisseurs also includes Haydn’s and Vivaldi’s pieces for bassoon, which will be played by the celebrated Sergio Azzolini. The Chief Conductor will also lead the orchestra in two concerts next week.
The Belgrade Philharmonic is the first non-German orchestra in which the sought-after conductor will play the leading and exceptionally important role. His collaboration with our orchestra began in 2009 and he has since conducted the BPO on several occasions, with a repertoire ranging from Wagner and Mahler, to the contemporary programme and to music from James Bond films. Feltz has established a strong connection with the orchestra and has asserted himself as a very suggestive orchestra leader, with strong character and accurate instructions.